Why Starbucks Should Be Your Favorite Place (If It Isn’t Already..)

If there’s any advice I will never stop giving, it is to never underestimate the value of making connections. This evening, my Zeta Phi Eta fraternity had the honor of meeting Delia Paunescu, a social media editor at the New York Post. She gave us the complete run-down of hezeta eventr professional advancements, blunders, and insights. More importantly, Delia gave us hope. She let us understand that every mistake can lead to something great. Delia the “tiny idiot,” as she put it so elegantly, found her way through all the detours and traffic build-ups of life. So please. I’ll say it again. Do not ever feel like getting a cup of coffee will be nothing more than an afternoon pick-me-up. Nine times out of 10, that little styrofoam cup will lead you to much greater things, whether it be professional advice or even a job down the road. Just think, one day you might be in the position to help out a tiny idiot who’s trying to make their way in the world.

Feel free to check-out Delia’s Twitter page here.

Much love,


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