It’s On Us. Always.

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Today, Hofstra University hosted a secret event that has been in the works for months. As a representative for University Relations, I got to take part in the planning process and experience the reactions of students and faculty members across campus. The event focused on It’s On Us, a campaign that promotes awareness and advocacy against sexual assault.

The event began with a three minute freeze. We all stood still in complete silence. In that moment, I felt proud to be assisting in such a powerful movement. In fact, it gave me chills. Shortly after, a video regarding the campaign was presented on two large screens. (The video will be posted at the bottom of this post.)

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 6.49.01 PM

Once the video ended, a step and repeat was set up, allowing students to take photos with the It’s On Us logo. My University Relations family and I posed for a few photos as well. The event concluded with musical performances by Makin’ Treble, one of Hofstra’s acapella groups on campus. Students were also encouraged to take the pledge against sexual assault and compose messages regarding the campaign. To take the pledge, click here.

Working events of this nature remind me why I chose public relations. The It’s On Us campaign supports an amazing cause and it brings joy to my soul to help make a difference. Such is the nature of my major. Today, I became an advocate for this campaign and I hope you all find a cause that inspires action. To view the video, click here.


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