Summer in the City

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After weeks of searching through what felt like an infinite number of sketchy craigslist ads, it was a wonderful feeling to finally open the door to my very first apartment. Everything about this place is perfect, which was made clear to me from the very start. The space is 400 square feet of unique personality and is closely situated to inviting restaurants, shops, the subway, and even a beautiful park right on the water. Living here feels like I found my own personal pot of gold.

Unpacking was a bit of a burden, but it was exciting to make this space my own. However, my better judgment set in and I decided against bringing my beloved Christmas tree. (Everyday is Christmas in my world.) Despite the lack of holiday cheer though, the space has everything I could ever want. Here are a few photos of what my little home looks like so far:

As far as my summer checklist goes, I can now successfully cross the first off: moving in. That gives me the remainder of my summer to start my first real job, learn German, play the ukulele, travel, attend music festivals, write a book, run, and do so much more. Lucky for me, I have the most amazing human being by my side to experience it all. Cheers to an extremely promising summer!

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