Kanye West’s Most Teachable (& Tweetable) Moments Of 2016

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Though 2016 has only graced us with its presence for a short time, this year has already been full of pop culture catastrophes. With all that’s currently going on in the world, it’s important to take a step back and reflect on these happenings. There is no better way to do this than by hearing the wisdom of someone significant. This could be a religious God, a political influencer, or just your every day role model. For me, I chose to seek comfort in a person who fits all three of these characteristics: Kanye West.


Below you will find some of the most inspirational pieces of advice to date as told by none other than Yeezus himself:

On the presidential race:  

Kanye West is more than equipped to take on the 2020 election. He’s already presented a seamless platform for educational reform and in time, his ideas will only grow.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 9.45.02 PM

In addition, like any great presidential candidate, West has undeniable evidence to support his position.

teachers and books

On finance:

Though his wife Kim Kardashian makes roughly 53 million dollars a year and West is profiting off of a new fashion line, a new album and a variety of sponsorships, he’s actually facing extensive debt. This openness to vulnerability proves that West is just like the rest of us, minus the furs and houses. 

debttttdebt 2

On celebrity collaboration:

Contrary to popular belief, West and Taylor Swift are surprisingly close friends. In fact, she even condoned the line in his new song “Famous,” where West proudly raps, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.” If only there were more endearing sentiments like these for society to admire. 


On positive outlook:

What’s a few dozen rape allegations if it’s in regards to a man who once starred in a fabricated television series? West takes the glass half full approach with Bill Cosby and our perspectives change as we are convinced with great consideration that Cosby is in fact, an innocent man.

bill cosby innocent

On apologies:

When what appeared to be an attack on West’s beloved wife, Kim, he had no choice but to confront the issue. With dignity and grace, he provided a level-headed assessment of vicious attacker, Wiz Khalifa.  


Kanye was eventually proven to be completely off-base in his assumption, however, he took complete ownership for his actions and delivered a heartfelt apology to his followers. So heartfelt, he didn’t even use the word “sorry.” 


On maintaining networking connections:

Kanye has a knack for staying connected within his social sphere and finds ways to utilize all social media platforms. West doesn’t even need to use the tag function because he is fully aware of his wide follower reach.


On constructive criticism:

Aside from allegedly being the greatest artist of all time, West also has incredible discipline in taking criticism. He understands that there are a variety of opinions in this world, and uses each piece of advice to better himself as an individual. 

black musicpitchfork 30:10

Let’s also not forget his unwavering modesty.


All in all, Mr. Kanye West is a source for great inspiration. He guides us through the tumultuous times we face today and every shared Tweet makes the sun shine a little brighter. Thank you, Kanye, for being the person we can all believe in.

And of course, thank you for refusing to release The Life of Pablo by any means other than Tidal. Corporate monopolies are what make this nation great.


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