100 Concerts And Counting: The Shows & Songs That Shaped Me

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I’ve been working hard to beat the winter blues with loads of indie, rock, and EDM shows. My calendar is a true testament to the many late nights and pulled muscles I’ve endured these past few weeks. I haven’t gotten much sleep, but all of this got me thinking, how many shows have I actually seen and heard in this lifetime? (And dang, how much money have I spent?) Music is special to just about everyone, but I never quite realized how much it meant to me until I sat down and reflected on the past 11 years.

As the artist CSS once so repetitively stated, music is my dead end, music is my imaginary friend. The great thing about music is it can hold you when you need to cry, it can be your punching bag, and it can set your soul on fire. It knows you better than you know yourself and can reveal more “ah-ha” moments than your therapist ever could. Music is everything.

In 2008, I saw Avril Lavigne perform at the Mohegan Sun Arena. I was the ripe age of 14 and this was the first time I stepped foot inside a venue. I was instantly hooked. There was something deeply intimate and special about being at a live show. From the bass reverberating up through my spine to the hot, sweaty mess of a pit I shared with several hundred strangers, every set served as a baptism. I had found my religion, my faith.

In an effort to fully appreciate all that music has done for me, I’ve compiled a list of every concert I can remember attending (mostly in order). Each one providing me with a special, vivid memory that I continue to cherish. With each line item, I’ve also listed my favorite song, in case you feel like listening.

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DO THE D.A.N.C.E! (Shows From 2008 – 2019) 

  1. Avril Lavigne — Everything Back But You
  2. Jonas Brothers — A Little Bit Longer
  3. Demi Lovato — Don’t Forget/ Tell Me You Love Me
  4. Hannah Montana (lol) — We Got The Party
  5. Justice — D.A.N.C.E/ We Are Your Friends
  6. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! — We R Who We R
  7. Our Last Night — Humble
  8. Woe Is Me — N/A
  9. William Control — N/A
  10. Capture The Crown — N/A
  11. Blood On The Dance Floor — Mosh & Roll !
  12. Jeffree Star — Legs Up
  13. Orgy — Blue Monday
  14. 3OH!3 — PUNKB*TCH
  15. Big Chocolate — Blue Milk
  16. Crizzly — FRL
  17. Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2x) — Countdown
  18. Keys N Krates — Dum Dee Dum
  19. Mac Miller (4x) — Frick Park Market
  20. Flume — Holdin’ On
  21. ODESZA (2x) — Say My Name/ Sun Models
  22. Panic! At The Disco (2x) — Build God, Then We’ll Talk
  23. twenty one pilots (4x) — Ruby/ Migraine
  24. Best Ex — Lonely Life
  25. Bonsai Trees (4x) — Lift Off
  26. Baggage — Flint
  27. Lorde — Green Light
  28. Run The Jewels — Jeopardy
  29. The 1975 — Chocolate
  30. Flo Rida — Right Round
  31. TLC — Creep
  32. Matt & Kim (2x) — I’ll Take Us Home
  33. Janelle Monae — Django Jane
  34. Kesha — Backstabber
  35. Fetty Wap — My Way
  36. X Ambassadors (2x) — Unsteady
  37. Outkast — Hey Ya!
  38. Imagine Dragons — Gold
  39. Pretty Lights — One Day They’ll Know
  40. Arctic Monkeys — Do I Wanna Know?
  41. Weezer — Beverly Hills
  42. A-Trak — Heads Will Roll Remix
  43. Girl Talk (2x) — Once Again
  44. Bad Things — Anybody
  45. Grouplove — Tongue Tied
  46. Vance Joy — Riptide
  47. Local Natives — Wide Eyes
  48. Jake Bugg — Two Fingers
  49. Iron & Wine — Boy With A Coin
  50. Magic Man — Paris
  51. MisterWives — Our Own House
  52. Cage The Elephant (2x) — Come A Little Closer
  53. Hozier — Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
  54. Elle King (2x) — Shame
  55. James Bay — Hold Back The River
  56. Allies — Laid Back
  57. Kanye West — That Part
  58. Chance The Rapper — Juice/ Blessings
  59. Chromeo — Sexy Socialite
  60. Zhu — Faded
  61. Grimes — Kill V. Maim
  62. Metric — Monster Hospital Remix
  63. Robert Delong (5x) — Happy/ Jealousy
  64. World’s Fair — 96 Knicks
  65. J. Cole — She Knows
  66. Lolawolf — Bitch
  67. Action Bronson — Actin Crazy
  68. Purity Ring — Ungirthed
  69. Thundercat — Them Changes
  70. M83 — Midnight City
  71. MGMT — The Handshake
  72. Tyler, The Creator — Tina/ Sandwiches
  73. (2x) — Nights With You
  74. The XX — Crystalised
  75. Fleet Foxes –– Mykonos
  76. The Killers — When You Were Young
  77. Beck — Loser
  78. Miike Snow — Paddling Out
  79. Years & Years — King
  80. Death Grips — No Love
  81. Justin Timberlake — My Love
  82. Dave Matthews Band — Ants Marching
  83. John Mayer — My Stupid Mouth
  84. AWOLNATION — Sail
  85. Max Frost — Adderall
  86. Same Setton — Wine
  87. Betty Who — Human Touch
  88. Two Feet — I Feel Like I’m Drowning
  89. Phony Ppl — Before You Get A Boyfriend

(Spotify playlist HERE!)

Festivals include: Warped Tour 2013, Firefly 2014, Meadows 2016, Governor’s Ball 2016, Panorama 2017, Panorama 2018.

With 89 first-time shows and 22 repeat shows, I’ve had about 111 opportunities to damage my eardrums, and let’s be honest, I probably have. But it was all worth it. I’m so grateful for the artists who bring me to another realm, where nothing gets between me and my bass. This music will live on forever, no matter what, which reminds me…

Happy Belated Birthday, Mac Miller. We love and miss you dearly. You surely made this world a better place.

Kanye West’s Most Teachable (& Tweetable) Moments Of 2016

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Though 2016 has only graced us with its presence for a short time, this year has already been full of pop culture catastrophes. With all that’s currently going on in the world, it’s important to take a step back and reflect on these happenings. There is no better way to do this than by hearing the wisdom of someone significant. This could be a religious God, a political influencer, or just your every day role model. For me, I chose to seek comfort in a person who fits all three of these characteristics: Kanye West.


Below you will find some of the most inspirational pieces of advice to date as told by none other than Yeezus himself:

Grunge & Glory: Remembering Kurt Cobain

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kurtttOn this day, we celebrate the late and great Kurt Cobain. Though he passed 22 years ago, there is an extraordinary amount of homage being paid to this unforgettable artist. Even after all this time, Cobain remains a staple to rock ‘n’ roll history. Nirvana’s “Nevermind” still screams through old 90s Pioneer stereo systems and millennials are discovering the soon-to-be vintage sounds of grunge alternative rock.

Cobain was blunt in both music and life. People either loved or hated his cheeky “I don’t give a shit” demeanor and he welcomed all forms of opposition with a smile on his face.

“Hi, my name is Kurt Cobain, I’m homosexual, I’m a pagan, I’m a drug abuser, and I like to fuck pot-bellied pigs!”

Blurryface: A Track By Track Review

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bf albumBlurryface is the newest of the Twenty One Pilots collection, which elicits heavy sounds and emotionally impressionable lyrics. Tyler Joseph, the lead singer and writer for the band Tweeted, “Another piece of my soul is now on the internet.” For those curious about the album title, Blurryface is a character that signifies inner pain, insecurity, doubt, and fear. He is everything that can make life difficult. Blurryface makes appearances often throughout the album.

This 14 track masterpiece is an experience from start to finish. Each track is strong enough to stand alone, but they each fit together in perfect harmony. Whether it’s the sounds or the lyrics, the album is likely to resonate with you deep to the core.

The Music Festival Experience, Featuring Firefly

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It’s that time of year again! Music festival lineups are being released left and right. Have you noticed?

As often as they’re mentioned, there’s still people who have never actually attended a music festival. Some people aren’t interested, which is always okay. Others simply have no idea what to expect. So this post will be dedicated to my experience with Firefly Music Festival and some words of wisdom for anyone interested in attending.

So let’s start from the top. What is Firefly?