A Witchy Woman’s History With Halloween

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People often look at me with puzzled eyes when I start dusting off the Halloween house decor on the first of September, but I wasn’t always this way. In fact, Halloween was never really on my radar and scary things did what they should — they scared me. I didn’t enjoy them.

That all changed when I turned the ripe, awkward age of 16. I needed to find myself a job and saw that Six Flags New England was hiring plenty of new employees for Fright Fest. I didn’t know exactly what this job would entail, but the additional funds would certainly feed my newfound concert addiction and maybe get me a few new friends. I applied and received a call for an interview within a few days. I prepared as I would for any interview, not thinking this one would be any different. Boy was I wrong. Yeah, I answered a few questions, but I also had to read a script in my best monster voice, give my best blood-curdling scream, and run to the camera using my best zombie impression. Needless to say, I was a bit out of my element and in over my (apparently headless) head.


They called me twenty minutes after I left and found out I was the newest monster-in-training. Before actually starting my job, I’d need to attend Ghoul School, a two-week training course that would teach me all the spooky skills I’d need for the season. It was intense and intimidating, but also life-changing in a way. I was coming out of my introverted, little shell and transforming into an outgoing and outrageous performer. If I did a really good job, maybe I would even be every guest’s worst nightmare.


During the month of October, I played a number of unique roles, like Ma Cleaver, the fed up housewife who had been emotionally abused one too many times by her cheating husband, or like the nameless insane asylum patient who enjoyed torture just a little too much. Every work shift gave the opportunity to build and develop new character ideas and plot lines. The more outrageous, the better.


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If it wasn’t obvious enough already, this wasn’t your everyday, typical job. I would clock in, get my makeup done, pick out the perfect costume, stretch with my fellow monsters, and head into the woods to prepare my scene. It didn’t feel like work at all. I was having way too much fun.


During that first season, my love for Halloween and all things spooky increased exponentially. I began watching horror movies for character inspiration and started visiting other haunted houses to marvel over the many successful scare tactics and techniques. From there my interest grew into an obsession, and that’s where I am today. So yes, maybe September is a tad early for plastic glitter pumpkins, cobwebs, and skeletons, but working this job gave me an undeniable love for performing and an appreciation for the odd and peculiar. So stay spooky, my friends and don’t be afraid to get a little weird, no matter the month.



Haunted Pennsylvania: Pennhurst Asylum Review

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pennThe Pennsylvania State Institution for Epileptics and Feeble Minded (commonly known as Pennhurst Asylum) was built in 1908. In the institution’s 79 year run, over 10,000 children and adults were taken in. Unfortunately, the living conditions were abysmal due to meager funding for basic necessities. Additionally, Pennhurst was well-known for its cruel and unusual punishment. Some patients were chained to beds and others had teeth removed for misbehaving. Many died from insufficient care and were cast to the side like trash heaps. In 1987, the institution shut its doors and remained abandoned until it was purchased years later. (Source) Visitors often say they can hear the harrowing voices of the dead who never left.

The Music Festival Experience, Featuring Firefly

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It’s that time of year again! Music festival lineups are being released left and right. Have you noticed?

As often as they’re mentioned, there’s still people who have never actually attended a music festival. Some people aren’t interested, which is always okay. Others simply have no idea what to expect. So this post will be dedicated to my experience with Firefly Music Festival and some words of wisdom for anyone interested in attending.

So let’s start from the top. What is Firefly?


A Halloween Themed Treat Available All Year Round

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wb1In spirit of the Halloween season, I decided to try out a little Hempstead hole-in-the-wall. This coffee shop is located on Hempstead Turnpike in Long Island and offers something most places don’t. With the ever so fitting name of the Witches Brew, this place is certainly radiating Halloween style. Once inside, the atmosphere is a bit overwhelming, but in the most wonderful way possible. Each table is unique in style and completely mismatched from the surrounding tables. Some people sat in antique office chairs, others in grandiose, satin-looking sofas. This is all part of the Brew’s distinct charm. Aside from the seating arrangements, each room of the coffee house is filled with authentic looking props, finished off with overhead hanging lights. The best part? This one-of-a-kind charmer is open all year round. That’s right. Halloween is celebrated 365 days a year here. This continuous nature may seem a bit overzealous, but I commend any well-functioning establishment that can commit to a theme.

The food and driwbnk options did not disappoint, either. In fact, the options are everything that would be expected. With a menu full of skulls and eerie typefaces, the Brew is authentic through and through. Though there are a wide variety of appetizers and snacks, this place is considered a coffee shop for a reason- it specializes in drinks. From teas to frozen cocoas, there’s something for everyone.

My only piece of advice is to plan accordingly. The Brew is a fairly small place and lines get very long, very fast. Don’t let that discourage you, though. Visiting in the evening is the best time to go. Just be prepared to hang around a bit before you get a seat. I highly recommend taking a trip to the Witches Brew. It is without a doubt, one of Hempstead’s best kept secrets.

Check it out here! 

Friday Night Frights

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If I don’t get a sense of impending doom at any point, I’d say it was a waste of money. What I’m referring to of course, is the experience of a haunted house. I love all things Halloween, so finding a place that can give me a good scare is highly notable. Last weekend, my friends and I took a little road-trip to see Terror Behind the Walls, a massive haunted attraction in Philadelphia. I do a lot of research when it comes to finding a worthy haunted house and this one jumped out to me immediately. For one, Terror Behind the Walls is actually Eastern State Penitentiary. Everything inside is absolutely authentic, ranging from old prison-cell bed frames to hospital equipment. I also cannot fail to mention that Al Capone once resided in this penitentiary. That in itself makes for an interesting exploration.